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About Meatheads Market

Meatheads Market provides locally sourced, high-quality meat to the Brookville and surrounding communities. As a child, Meatheads Market Owner, Nathan Barber grew up working on his grandfather’s farm. He was raised knowing beef cattle, working with local farmers, and making hay and feed for their animals. As a result of his childhood, Nate grew up loving farming, running equipment and the overall process of owning and operating a family farm.

Premium Meat Processing and Harvesting

Meatheads Market is a full-service retail meat market, harvesting, and processing facility located in Brookville, PA. They provide high quality meat processing and USDA inspected harvesting and currently sell local meats, cheeses, dairy products and other locally sourced products. Meatheads Market is a Proud member of the Pennsylvania Association of Meat Processors (PAMP).

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