About Meatheads Market

Meat Processing in Brookville, PA

Meatheads Market provides locally sourced, high-quality meat to the Brookville and surrounding communities. As a child, Meatheads Market Owner, Nathan Barber grew up working on his grandfather’s farm. He was raised knowing beef cattle, working with local farmers, and making hay and feed for their animals. As a result of his childhood, Nate grew up loving farming, running equipment and the overall process of owning and operating a family farm.

In 2015, Nate decided to officially join the family legacy by buying his grandfather’s farm. He along with his father Joe grew the farm from 20 acres to now over 1,000 acres of farmland, and went from his grandfather’s 10 beef cattle to now almost 100 cattle on his land.

The desire to grow didn’t stop there. As Nate worked in the farming community, he appreciated the fact that farmers helped farmers, and he was able to form close relationships with the other farmers in his community. And they all had one common problem: there was no close, reliable place to get their cattle slaughtered and processed. Now more than ever, people want to know where their meat is coming from. They want high quality meat that is sourced locally.

But farmers can’t distribute meat directly to the public unless they get their cattle slaughtered and processed at a USDA Inspected facility. This caused them to have to drive long distances to get their meat processed in order to sell to the public.

This is when Nate came up with the idea for Meatheads Market. He contacted his cousins, the Pangallo's, who had owned and operated a custom processing shop for years, so when Nate pitched the idea of a USDA Inspected site and retail market, the Pangallo's were on board.

They started the business as B&P Meats and began reaching out to local farmers to see if they would be interested in their services. The community was grateful. They no longer had to drive long distances to get their live stalk slaughtered and processed. 

As Nate and his cousin put their plan into motion, they ended up rebranding their store to Meatheads Market with the intention of opening a retail store along with their custom processing plant. They plan to sell local meats, cheeses, dairy products, and other locally sourced products at their store once construction is finished near the end of 2022.

Their opening day for custom processing on July 18, 2022 was better than they could've imagined. They recently received their USDA Slaughter certification and are working towards the USDA processing approval. They are happy to serve the community that they live in with quality product and quality service. 

Meatheads Market Brookville, PA
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